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My Experience with Swyft Theme

Installing and First Steps

So, I installed the theme to check it out on a subdomain. And to be honest, I was able to set it up extremely fast. This is one of the things I’d highlight about this theme.

I first started installing the parent theme and then the child that comes in the zip folder. Once that was done a nice option came up on the screen.

One-Click Install

I always prefer to do a one-click install to check everything up. Glad this was available.

After a two-minute wait, the import was completed. I went to the homepage and everything looked really good. Also, most themes import loads of dummy images, which annoys me a bit. This wasn’t the case as it only imported a placeholder image that was repeatedly used throughout the site.

Customizing and Styling the Blog

This theme uses the WordPress Customizer as its styling headquarters. They give you some options for the header, some for the general layouts and some others for colors, typography and the usual things.

I found it great, you don’t have to go into a backend section like most themes and go into an epic adventure to find the simple thing you needed adjusted. If the option you want isn’t in the customizer, it’s because it’s not available.

Blog Writing Experience

Ok, this theme uses Gutenberg. No visual editors like Elementor, WP Bakery or any others.

This, for a blogger, is awesome. You won’t waste time with moving things around. Just sit down and write your post. I think that’s perfect.

Optimization and Site Speed

The team of developers focus their marketing on this. The site loads really fast and after importing the demo Google Site Speed gave me a score of 87. I bet you could easily improve it but it’s a paradise to start from there.


This theme is currently sold at $69 in ThemeForest. Here’s a link to buy.

What I liked the most

  • Simple to set up
  • Loads really fast
  • One-click demo Installer
  • Easy to style and customize
  • Great looking design

Not a great theme if…

  • You need Woocommerce.
  • You want to create pages not posts.
  • You need specific layouts.
  • Want to use your website for other purposes and not just blogging.

In Summary

This theme is for people who just want to go into their website and write a blog. No complex features, no special effects, no kidding around. If you want a simple and good looking blog, then go ahead and buy it.

Santiago Tonelli

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